India Got MODI-fied And US Got TRUMP-ed

On its way to eradicate the corruption from the country, Indian Government has discontinued the highest-denomination currency notes from the system. Notes valuing 500 and 1000 will not be valid anymore. Yesterday night Narendra Modi, PM of the country, announced this surprising decision. This will help the nation to keep check on illegal monitory activities and corruption.

Narendra Modi: Rs 500 rs 1000 Indian rupee illegal
Narendra Modi: Rs 500 rs 1000 Indian rupee illegal

Modi further stated that around 2 years back, the nation was on the 100th position in the world on account of corruption, and since then the country has made a slight improvement and has managed to reach on 76th position.

Owing to this decision, people who have been hiding their money in order to save taxes are now helpless to reveal the stack of money. Common people have 50 days in hand to deposit the blocked denomination currency notes to the banks and post offices.

Central bank is going to issue new series of notes valuing 500 and 2000 rupees by November 10, 2016. Till then, the largest denomination in circulation will be Rs. 100 note.

While this was the scenario in India, Mr. Donald Trump got elected as the new president of the US defeating Hillary Clinton. He is the 45th President of the US. The Republican Party nominee won this election even after facing controversies which adversely affected his chances to win.


Wisconsin was the last college hope of Clinton. Before this, Trump had already bagged Pennsylvania boasting 264 points. With Wisconsin, Donald Trump passed 270 Electoral College votes which lead him to the Presidency. In his victory speech, Trump congratulated the whole nation and assured all Americans that he will be the president of all Americans.

Republican members have also succeeded in securing most of the seats in the House of Representative and the Senate. It is also said that Supreme Court might get one member from this party.

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