Cota Ceiling Tiles Will Now Charge Your Devices

Cota Ceiling Tiles Will Now Charge Your Devices

Are you one of those people who struggle to charge their phones or any chargeable devices? And, at some initial moment your phone just goes off?

Cota Ceiling Tiles Will Now Charge Your Devices
So this new mounting device will ease your life by not thinking about the amount of battery left.
Washington-based technology company, Ossia has revealed a drop-ceiling panel that can fuel up the electronic gizmos, present in the range of 30 foot, wirelessly.
Many of the players have already experimented with wireless chargers that are integrated with furniture and other mounting devices. But this concept would definitely help to build smart homes.
This unique smart tile is white in color, flat thin-sized but, has a fine black hexagonal ring on the surface. The concept was named as Cota tech.
Let’s see how it works.
The energy is delivered from the tile integrated with a power source to a small receiver that is implanted in devices through magnetic resonance. The frequency of the signal is similar to that used by Wi-Fi.
One of the common issues that wireless chargers face is to identify automatically that the device needs to be charged. But thanks to Cota tech tiles that can detect the amount of battery left in your devices and is automatically connected and hence the charge is distributed.
One of the expectations from the manufacturers after the commercial distribution will be developing after-market accessories.
However, due to this innovation, you just have to forget about those wired chargers, power strips, and bulky charging dock.


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