‘Uberpool’: A New Experience for Riders

'Uberpool': A New Experience for Riders

We all travel a lot every day by various means of transportation. Booking cabs is currently the latest trend. Are you aware of the recent launch of “SwitchToPOOL” by Uber? Yes, we have one more version to book our rides and it can be really money-saving. Uber is putting all its effort for campaigning and popularizing the online cab-booking—UberPOOL. UberPOOL offers the passengers heading the same location to share the ride.

'Uberpool': A New Experience for Riders

This can prove to be a major step by having more people in few cars taking into consideration the rising pollution and overcrowding of the Indian cities. The new updates feature feedback from the riders and make their experience with Uber more user-friendly.

Amit Jain, President of Uber for India and South Africa, says, “After the initiation of UberPOOL in India, there had been more than million trips made by the riders and hence, we are constantly functioning with an aim to make the next rides even more smooth, in order to have more riders into fewer cars and take a major step toward helping the cities mow down on pollution and congestion with time.”

The company also said that the recent driver app is provided with a technology informing the drivers about their time interval for getting the next ride so as to be ready in time to pick the rider.

Isn’t it sounding good? Let’s take a look at UberPOOL’s success in the 21-day campaign—SwitchToPOOL. The company estimated UberPOOL to save fuel around 2.6 lakh liters, traveling of vehicles of 5.5 million km, and CO2 emission of 6.1 lakh kgs.

So what do you think about this new version? Thinking to book an UberPOOL ride now? Go ahead. Have a safe and happy ride. Feel free to share your thoughts.