6 Little-Known Useful Google Products & Services

6 Little-Known Useful Google Products & Services

Google is well known for its technology and search engine. Apart from these services, Google is also known for its products. For instance, Google has it smartphones and Google Glass. But these products are big enough to come into notice. Ever wondered whether Google has any product, which is not so popular…? And the answer is YES. Google also has some products that you are not aware of. Here is the list of those products.

6 Little-Known Useful Google Products & Services

Google Keep

The Google Keep is an app that works as a reminder. The app works on desktops as well as smartphones.


You can set timer on Google. Yes!!! You heard it right. You can not only set a timer but also set up an alarm tune when the timer ends. This can be done by simply typing the amount of time followed by ‘timer’ in the search bar.

Google Sky

The Google.com/sky allows you to explore and discover the features of the galaxy by using images from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, the NASA satellite, and the Hubble Telescope.

Google Input Tools

This helps you to type and translate up to 80 different languages without using a separate keyboard.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar helps you in searching with details in professional papers and journals.

Google Art

Google Art helps you to be in touch with the artwork all around the globe by providing high resolution images of the same.

So friends, now that you know these small tricks and services by Google, you can try them anytime. Were these tips helpful? Do you have any more such “not-so-popular” Google apps? Do let us know by commenting. Do not forget to share your thoughts.