Here’s Where These Biggest Tech Companies Started

Here’s Where These Biggest Tech Companies Started

Not every tech giant had started the same way as it is now. They suffered a lot and did hard work with great efforts and hence they are at the top position. Here is the list of top companies which started with a small amount in their hand and are now touching great heights.

Here’s Where These Biggest Tech Companies Started


Apple was initially co-founded by late Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs and Ronald Payne in 1976. Even though the company is a great success today and people queue up for their products, the company was originally started in a garage. The first computer developed by the company was Apple I, and it was built in the same garage.


Microsoft is the largest software company. The Windows OS of this company is fueling many laptops, PCs and smartphones as well.

Co-founded by Paul Allen and Bill Gates in 1975, the company was started with just handful resources and in a small garage space.


Today, you will hardly find a person who does not have a Facebook account. Well, the company is the largest social media networking firm in the world and there’s no one to overtake it soon.

But the company was not always this big. In 2004, Mark Zuckerberg started the firm in his dorm room.


Amazon is one of the giants in the online shopping market and is growing at a great pace.

But back in 1994, when it was founded by Jeff Bezos, the company was born in a small garage.

So friends, now that you have seen the stories of these tech giants, you must have learned a good lesson about how important hard work is.