India to Rank 3rd For Iphones’ Assembler

India to Rank 3rd For Iphones’ Assembler

The importance of the country to the leading tech giant Apple is revealed by seeing the upcoming Bengaluru assembly plant. Indian will be the 3rd country to do the final assembly of iPhones once the plant starts operating.

India to Rank 3rd For Iphones’ Assembler

All the assembly units of Apple are located in China, apart from the one in Brazil.

The supply chain of Apple is a little complex. All the parts for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Mac are developed by third parties who are spread across 28 countries. Out of the 766 suppliers of Apple, 69 are based in the U.S., 126 in Japan and 346 in China. There is one base present in India in Tamil Nadu. But it is not clear as to what the unit manufactures.

Sub-assembly of some of those parts is done in particular location. All the units that are sub-assembled and other units are brought together for the final assembly. This final assembly is either done in Brazil or China. Final assembly of Apple Mac takes place in the U.S., China, and Ireland. iPods’ final assembly is done in China only.

India being the largest market for the smartphone industry, iPhones are growing faster along with their sale. This is the reason why Apple decided to assemble the iPhone in India.

Well friends, seeing the current situation, 2017 will be the year where Indian market will witness a lot of profit. This will also lead to job opportunities in India. What are your thoughts? Do comment and let us know your views.

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