China Says It Can’t Understand US’s Insecurity

China Says It Can’t Understand US’s Insecurity

Geng Shuang at a recent press conference said that United States should come out of the big power mentality and join hands with China and Russia to boost the peaceful environment around the world.

China expressed its surprise at the immense insecurity that United States feels from China. The country spokesperson Geng Shuang informed this as an answer to an American report which accused China to be one of the largest cyber threats to the world. He went on to comment that United States of America is the most powerful country across the globe and is strengthening its position each day with its incomparable military force.

China Says It Can’t Understand US’s Insecurity

At the daily news briefing Geng also said that China is really clueless about the reasons why America is feeling to insecure. He also expressed hopes that soon the country will shun the armor of power and cooperate with China and Russia to enable a peaceful environment around the world.

Dan Coats, the director of US National Intelligence informed that besides China, North Korea, Russia and Iran are also acting as major cyber threats. He also said that United States is preparing them to counter such attacks which may occur in future.

United States have also informed that China is trying to hack security information from Pentagon and use the same to get confidential US data related to defense, intellectual data which is copyrighted, financial reports and last but not the least, details about US power grids.

China and America has been at a Cold War from a long time now. While China is seen boosting its marine defense at South China Sea and Indian Ocean, America has joined hands with Australia, South Korea and Japan to defend their position. Coats has also informed at a Senate meeting about the increasing strength of North Korea in regards to ballistic missiles

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