India’s Haj Quota Is Now 1.75 Lakh, Increased By 5,000 By Saudi

India’s Haj Quota Is Now 1.75 Lakh, Increased By 5,000 By Saudi

Since Independence, India is currently with 1,75,025 lakh Haj quota is highest with five thousand as increased by Saudi Arabia. An agreement between the authorities of Saudi and Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, the Minister of Union minority affairs was signed for increasing the quota of Indians in Haj.

The 2018 agreement was signed for the 2nd consecutive year due to the extreme popularity of Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India with the Salman Bin Abdul Aziz al Saud, Saudi Monarch and the Saudi regime.

India’s Haj Quota Is Now 1.75 Lakh, Increased By 5,000 By Saudi

As per Naqvi, In the year 2017 the Haj quota of India increased by thirty-five thousand by the Saudi Arabia authorities this was the result of the good relations between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the authorities of Saudi. With 5,000 increases this year, it will also help to extend pilgrim proceeds to India in Haj.

The year 2017 recorded 1,75,025 Indian quota for Haj from which 1,25,000 people chose HCI (Haj Committee of India) to travel which the rest (45,000) people opted for PTOs (Private Tour Operators). These private tour operators have now expected a rise in their demand graph to travel to Haj. Al Khalid Tours & Travels, a prominent private tour operator’s Yusuf Kherada believes that the increase in Haj quota proposed by Mr Naqvi, the Minister of Minority Affairs is much appreciated. The demand to travel to Haj was double the seats accessible and this raise will help them to make their passengers happy.

The HCI (Haj Committee of India) has received three lakh and fifty-five thousand Haj travel requests for the year 2018. The committee states this year that they won’t approve any claims applied for the fourth time to visit the Haj.

The Minister of the minority affairs, Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi mentions that this year there will be no “Mahram” and nearly there are one thousand and three hundred women travelling to Haj. The authorities of the Saudi have also agreed upon this decision while reviewing the sea route travelling option for pilgrim sending.

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