“Hickhi” Approaches The Hindi Film Industry With A Different Angle

“Hickhi” Approaches The Hindi Film Industry With A Different Angle

“Hichki” known as hiccups is connected with mental health and speech defect of the character Naina, i.e. Rani Mukherji. She has portrayed herself with a realistic nature of the character assigned to her in the film.

Mardaani in the year 2014 was Rani Mukerjee’s previous film where she was assigned the role of a tough police woman while continuing to accept virtuoso characters in the film industry, for instance, “Hichki”. The trailer witnessed a positive response while depicting the storyline of survival and hope.

“Hickhi” Approaches The Hindi Film Industry With A Different Angle

Siddharth Malhotra has directed the film, which portrays “Tourette Syndrome” a mental and speech defect issue faced by a woman “Naina Mathur” who aspires to become “Teacher” but struggles to start-off her career. The character fighting against all the educational administrates finally gets an opportunity to teach. From here, the challenge begins as the class consists of under privileged students and who are unacceptable by the school and other economically privileged students.

The storyline revolves around the usual tiff between the teacher and student as the character Naina has a speech defect. But later, the film turns around into a fight by Rani against the education system, which discriminates amongst the students and stands for them as well as for her. It is yet to be decided by the audience where the film will be a block buster with an emotional roller-coaster or reaches to an average peak. However, the film does but the trailer promises to be a hit.

Commenting on her recent film, Rani Mukherji says that she was waiting for a storyline that would excite and challenge her. She further states that everyone is conditioned with some or the other weakness or ill health but just to simplify your life and become a winner, we should see it as “Hiccups”. The film ideates of building positive energy for aiming to achieve your dreams. Prior to this Siddharth Malhotra has directed the film “We are Family “in the year 2010 starring stars like Arjun Rampal, Kareena Kapoor and Kajol. The film “Hichki” is set to be out in theaters on February 23, 2018.

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