The Troubled “Padmavati” Gets U/A Certification And Becomes “Padmavat”

The Troubled “Padmavati” Gets U/A Certification And Becomes “Padmavat”

Padmavati, the troubled film by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, after much wait has received U/A certification with some modifications in the film and suggested a change in the title to “Padmavat”.

The CBFC (Central Board of Film Certification) on Saturday through the mail the decision has been taken after the meeting of CBFC examining committee on December 28. The final application for the film was submitted in the month of November 28, 2017.

The Troubled “Padmavati” Gets U/A Certification And Becomes “Padmavat”

There are few modifications suggested like the disclaimer insertion with regards to not adoring the practice of “Sati” while modifying the popular song of Padmavati “Ghoomar” to suit one of the lead characters. The final certification will only be provided after the movie is being submitted to the CBFC with the inculcation of the suggested modification.

Prasoon Joshi, the CBFC chairman clarifying on the mislead by the media report with reference to the cuts, he states that there are only suggested modifications and no cuts in the movie. Joshi explained further that the title is suggested to be changed as the movie is based on a fictional novel.

The examining committee consisted of the regular examining members, a special advisory panel and the CBFC officials including the presences of Prasoon Joshi. The CBFC’s decision on the certification of the film along with the suggested modifications was shared in the feedback session post the screening with the director Sanjay Leela Bhansali and the Viacom 18 Motion Pictures producers.

The CBFC further clarified that adding a special panel on board to review the film is not a new practice but an old tactic used earlier for films like Jodhaa Akbar for which the expert from the historical field was called in. In a written communication via email by Bhansali Productions to CBFC, the members of the Rajput community and the panel of historians were requested to review the film.

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