Different types of kisses and what they actually mean

A kiss is one of the ways to express your love for your partner. There are different ways of kissing, that is, it can be soft, passionate, hard, gentle, affectionate, and unique. Do you know every kind of kiss has its own meaning? So, let us tell you what each kind of kiss has to express.

Kiss on cheek: We are friends

A kiss on the cheek is a sweet way of expressing that you consider him/her as your close friend and you really like him/her.

Kiss on the forehead: You will be mine forever

A kiss on the forehead is the purest form of a kiss as it expresses caring and loyalty. It also shows that you are comfortable and indirectly tells that you belong to him/her forever.

Kiss on hand: I adore you

A kiss on the hand indicates that you adore him/her and you are really comfortable with him/her.

Kiss on shoulder: I want you

A kiss on shoulder indicates that you are madly in love with your partner. This kind of kiss usually triggers one’s feelings and shows how much passionate you are about your partner.

Kiss on neck: We belong together


A kiss on the neck signifies that you belong to your partner and will never leave him/her. It is a kiss showing faith and trust.

Kiss on lips: I love you

Passionately kissing your partner on the lips shows that you love him/her deeply. It also means that you want the relationship for life long.

If you get any of the above kiss types on this Kiss Day, you exactly know what it means. Happy kiss day…!!

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