Neofect’s smart glove

The Rapael smart glove is a device designed for patients with arm disfunctioning after a stroke. It has specific and customized exercises along with gamification. The glove developed by Neofect is a smart glove used as a therapy for the patients with arm disfunctionality.

The glove is a white band that has to be wrapped around the hand and it has position sensors and movement sensors on the wrist and fingers. The android app helps the patients recover easily through games and other movement-related activities that in turn help the patients strengthen their hands and arms. The apps can be shared via Bluetooth.

The Neofect Rapael smart glove has been approved by the FDA due to its beneficiary use. The FDA-approved device has an Android tablet that companies the hand glove. The hospitals and rehabilitation centers in the US and Europe have already started the use of the smart glove to treat patients.

The smart glove is a boon for the people suffering from the after stroke or traumatic brain injury related loss of activity of hands, limbs or any muscle in the body.

Thus, the Rapael glove benefits the patients to move their muscles a little during the treatment process. It helps the patients avoid the painful physiotherapy and rehabilitation treatment processes. The recovery of these patients requires a lot of time but after the use of the glove, the recovery is observed within few months.

The glove makes the patients do certain activities such as playing cards, tossing baseballs or pouring wine. These activities are observed by the physicians with the help of the app that gives details about the progress during the mobility treatment.

Thus, according to Ban Ho Young, CEO of Neofect, the gamification rehabilitation is a promising treatment in the coming years.