Why is Valentine’s Day celebrated?

Every year, February 14, is celebrated as Valentine’s Day across the world. On this day, people exchange flowers, gifts, and candy with their loved ones. It is thought to be a day for expressing your feelings for the one you love and care. But do you actually know why is this day celebrated and what history it has?

As per the Catholic Encyclopedia, there were 3 early Christian saints named as Valentine. One was a bishop in Terni, another was St. Valentine, and the third, a priest in Rome. Surprisingly, all of them are said to have been martyred on the same day, that is, February 14.

The priest Valentine served during the 3rd century in Rome. Emperor Claudius II has prohibited marriage for young men as he thought that single men can be superior soldiers in comparison to those with families and wives. But, this was an unfair act according to Valentine. Hence, he celebrated marriages in clandestine. And later was imprisoned as the emperor came to know about it and was verdict to death.

Almost 200 years later, 14 February was announced as St Valentine’s Day. During this time interval, Rome was converted into Christian. The Catholic Church was adamant to eradicate any residual paganism. Every year, in February, a pagan fertility practice was held and the Pope eliminated this festival and declared 14 February as Saint Valentine’s Day. Thus, this day was established as a feast day on the Catholic Calendar of Saints.


Now, you know the story behind the celebration of this special day. Happy Valentine’s Day..!! Celebrate Love..!!

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