Smart belt that watches your waist

The fitness freaks are always looking out for a new device that can be worn easily. The Samsung’s Creative Lab has created a smart belt “Welt”. The CEO Sean G. Kang has created Welt in order to raise health awareness among people.

The smart belt tracks your daily steps, distance covered, calories burnt, and sitting time. The belt starts logging only after 20 or more steps. The Welt is accompanied with a smartphone app that helps you check your daily fitness logs. The belt measures your waist and with the help of magnetic sensors tracks any changes if detected. The waist size is considered to be a fitness factor that tells you the larger your waist or stomach fat, the more you are prone to diabetes, heart diseases, or early death. The sensors on the belt detect the stomach bulge on having big meals or too many drinks signaling the app in the smartphone which is excellent. The welt is expensive but it can help you stay active and on track in case of diet which your normal measuring tapes doesn’t do. The stylish leather belt has a microUSB port and can be cut into sizes as per the app instructions, thus not restraining its measurement accuracy. The battery life stays up to 4 weeks.

There is still room for improvement in Welt. The app uses android for now and is soon going to update it to iOS. The panel has slots for daily and weekly stats which can be checked when the notifications appear in the app. The cost for the belt is about $150 and available on pre-order. Thus, the Welt belt can help you stay fit and in shape.