Things you can do on YouTube

YouTube is a popular platform for sharing and viewing videos. But there are some tricks that many of us are not aware of. Tricks and hidden features that are interesting and can be done on YouTube!!!

GIFs from YouTube Videos

It is a very easy task to create a GIF from a tiny portion of YouTube. Just add the word ‘gif’ at the beginning of the address bar. Once done, the page will be redirected to a different site where you can choose any 15 seconds of the video to get it converted into a GIF.

Keyboard shortcuts

Are you aware of the keyboard shortcuts that can be used to navigate while watching the videos on YouTube? Here are they…


J-rewind by 10 seconds

L-forward by 10 seconds

F-full screen


Identify background

Have you ever noticed the background music in the video? If you are interested in knowing the details such as the music used or the band that gave the music, YouTube does not do this. But does this for free. Just enter the YouTube link of the video on and it will show you all the information.

So friends, now that you know these features, why don’t you get up, stop warming your chair and try them out. Do let us know if you have any additional information on the same. Also, do not forget to comment if the tips provided were helpful or not. Moreover, please do let us know your suggestions if any. We will appreciate it.

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