New Google Voice to roll out soon

We all know Google. There will be hardly any person alive that is not aware of this giant tech lead. Google is always known for something innovative and creative. This time, too, it did not fail to meet the expectations. It seems that the search giant is up to something new. And that ‘something’ is nothing but an update of the new feature to it Google Voice service in the current year.

So if you here a new Voice when you open any Google app, do not be surprised. The new update can be seen on the website. It is indicated by a new banner, alongside the mike option. It reads as “a new Google Voice is available”. Try it out!!!

It is also accompanied by a ‘Try New’ button. Well, this is so obvious.

But there is some error in the functionality of the ‘Try New’ button. It seems that this button does not work for now. Google is still working on this issue and will soon update when it is ready for use. Until then, we have enough patience to wait. Right?

People were surprised as to why Google has not made any update to its Voice. Well, to the surprise, Google has done it now.

It is not a surprising thing for the geeks and Google fans. But it is for sure that Google always brings something new.

It’s just a matter time to see what else Google will reveal in the coming future from its magical chest to surprise us more.

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