How to free up iPhone and iPad storage

Every Apple user, at some point of the time, faces the problem of “shortage of storage”. Well, at the beginning, it does not seem to be a problem, but when you actually need some space, it is not available at times. Then you end up deleting some of the files and data. To avoid this, here are some tips.

Delete unused apps

Delete the apps that you don’t use. Some of the apps are inbuilt, while some of the apps you download for time being. Delete these apps. You will save more space by deleting them as some of them are heavy in size.

Remove unwanted photos, music, and videos

We always have some data that we have kept but never used. For instance, photos, music, and video. These you can save on cloud and access it anytime. Do not store them on internal memory and waste it.

Delete old conversations

Deleting old conversations indeed helps a lot. Do this frequently. Many of the smartphones have the ability to back up the message. Delete the back-up if unwanted.

Clear Safari cache

Clearing the browser cache memory will probably help you a lot. They consume unwanted data. It is better to clear the cache than to waste the memory.

Well, now that you know how you can free up memory, hurry up and do it. Remember the above tips. Do let us know if you have additional tips regarding the same topic. Also, comment your thoughts and suggestion. We will appreciate it.

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