Some interesting facts about the cocoa products on the occasion of chocolate day

We know it’s the valentine week and each day has its own significance. Though it is a season of love, but when it comes to chocolate why would a person wait for someone to bring chocolates. We agree the case is exceptional for the lovers. Beyond celebrating the chocolate day there are many mind boggling facts about the chocolate, since it was invented.

Chocolate was used as money

Many years back in Mayan period cocoa beans were used for trade and as a currency. It was considered to be more expensive than gold in that period. The cultivation of the beans was also banned due to which its value kept rising.

White chocolate isn’t a chocolate

Chocolate cannot be considered if it doesn’t contain ample amount of cocoa in solid or liquid form. White chocolate has cocoa butter instead of dark cocoa.

Crazy chocolate lover are Europeans

As per the survey of International Cocoa Organization, an average consumption of Swiss, German individual of chocolate is 11kg/year. Europeans hold a record of eating half of the world’s chocolate.

You may meet god if you consume loads of theobromine

Chocolates contain a high amount of stimulant termed as theobromine. Overconsumption of this ingredient might be a straight forward invitation to dehydration, acute kidney damage, and heart failures.

Toblerones is most famous and most consumed

The demand of the toblerones is so high that if we place them end to end the distance covered will be about 62,000 km.

And last, but most strange, is that the chocolate river once really existed, it was artificially made for the film Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory in 1971.

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