CES 2017: Robots show their capability

The CES 2017 has witnessed many gadgets so far. These gadgets were a perfect example where technology meets dreams. Well, robots of CES 2017 proved the same.

Professor Einstein can give you a quick brief on the theory of relativity. Wait!!! Do not get confused. By Professor Einstein, I do not mean the legend. Instead, I refer to the latest robot presented in CES 2017.

The Hong Kong-based Hanson Robotics introduced Professor Einstein in the Consumer Electronic Showcase 2017, conducted in Las Vegas. They have brought this robot for just $299. The chief technology officer of Hanson Robotics, Andy Rifkin, confirmed that they only develop robots which have personality and can come to life.

Professor Einstein is the primary product of Hanson that went commercial. Previously, Hanson was known for its humanoid robot ‘Sophia’ that had a life-like eye and facial expressions. Einstein is very sensitive and can respond quickly to voice commands. It can help kids to play games, homework and answer any questions related to science and math.

Andy Rifkin added further, “Professor Einstein is a different robot. It is one of its kinds. It can have an emotional bond with the people around it. It can be an important element for kids to learn and play around with.”

While most robots at the current CES look nothing different but like a mechanical object, they do lack emotional bonding. Professor Einstein, on the other hand, is completely different.

In short, the world is on the verge of changing and turning into a place which will be dependable on robots. What do you think about this situation? A curse or a boon?

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