Gadgets that may disappear in the next decade

With the changing technology, many gadgets and devices are replaced in the past few years. Same will be the case in the coming years. Devices that are dominating the world currently may disappear in the next decade. Here is the list of devices that may disappear in the near future.


It may be shocking to hear, but smartphones have high chances to disappear and get out of the league in the coming years. People may carry their data everywhere and can access it anywhere. Hence, smartphones are in the red zone as of now.

Plastic Money

Over the past years ATMs, debits cards, and credit cards have taken over the paper money. Time will come when this plastic money will too disappear and the assistant related to your bank account will handle the situation.

Mounted TVs

Well, the TVs are also the part of this list. They may become extinct and mirror-finished displays may take their place. These displays have already hit the market but, yet did not become popular.

Remote Controls

Remote controls too will become old fashioned. All the functions performed by them will be done by hand gestures. For instance, to turn on a light, one must just clap once or twice. Or to change the channel on TV, one must simply swipe the hand to left or right.

Well, this concludes or list. One thing is clear that nothing is permanent, except change. Devices that rule today may become extinct tomorrow and will be replaced by some more advanced gadgets.

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