Japan is building world’s super-fast super computer

The competition among the countries has always resulted with a phenomenal output. No matter what type of contest it is; be it about sports, technologies, defence attributes, or any other factors that prove the dominance, the fight ends in a remarkable way.

And now it’s Japan who is into the race of building world’s fastest computer along with China and the U.S.

The country has estimated to spend ¥19.5 Billion ($173 Million) for building an incredibly fast machine that can accomplish 130 Quadrillion calculations per second.

The main motive of the supercomputer will be to create jobs in Japan and to dominate the industry. It will also be used by the industry giants who are working on robotics, autonomous cars, and advanced medical device diagnostics with remuneration.
Satoshi Sekiguchi, director general of Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science & Technology (AIST) said, “There is nothing so fast as far as we know.”

The competitor’s list is pretty huge in the supercomputer race with top rankings position dominated by the U.S. and China with 171 systems that account two third of the list. Next, comes Germany with 32 systems, including Japan’s 27 such systems, followed by France with 20, and the United Kingdom with 17.

Recently, some months earlier, NVidia revealed its DGX-1 supercomputer, which the company claimed as world’s first deep learning machine. The cost of the machine is $129,000 which delivers 17 petaflops of peak performance to facilities including hospitals and universities engaged in AI based exploration.

Looking at the competition, it seems that Japan may have a tough time to acquire the lead position in the race.

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