This supersonic jet might be next Concorde of future generation

Planes have eased the traveling experience and reduced the travel time. Similarly, it is a most preferred transport system for long distance journey. Certain plane makers are constantly trying their best to deliver an advanced solution to decrease the normal travel time by building some very fast planes.

One of the aviation startup following the same goal is Boom Technology. The company revealed its supersonic passenger jet prototype that is expected as a next-generation Concorde.

Boom Technology’s XB-1 Supersonic Demonstrator would take flight by end of 2017, but the prototype was disclosed to some of the aviation groups at Centennial Airport, Denver.

For now, the prototype model has a room only for the pilot, while its commercial version will have seating arrangements for 44 passengers.
The company claims that its supersonic jet will complete the journey of LA to Sydney, which normally takes 15 hours, in just 6 hours and 45 minutes and that of New York to London in just 3.5 hours. The travel cost of the passengers will be $5,000 per seat that seems to be an affordable figure.

The Boom Jet can voyage with a pace of 1,451 mph, which is almost 10% faster than the Concorde and twice rapid than a normal airliner. However, Boom Technology isn’t the only plane maker planning to build a supersonic commercial jet. Previously the French company Aerospatiale had also built a superfast plane named as Concorde. But after its 27 years of serving, the company discontinued its operation due to the loss of business.

Hence, after commercial launch of the supersonic jet that flies with a speed of light, passengers might experience a rocket ride in $5000.