ProGloveSmart gloves can boost your productivity

Every person on earth is bonded towards some hours for essential work that is known professionally as the “working hours”. No matter how many hours you consider as working hours, but the duration you spend on work should be productive in terms of company’s perspective and the self-motivation that leads to huge bonus and incentives. Now the productive work process can be modified a bit by using some smart wearable that guides you to perform the task more efficiently and in a productive way.

Today, we are talking about smart glove which has been designed and developed by a team that participated in Make It Wearable (MIW) Challenge and they are the entrepreneurs as well. A German-based company named ProGlove came with the concept of decreasing the assembly line operation time, quality checks, and staging materials to ease tracking and tracing method.
The gloves are perfectly crafted to ease the human efforts and labor tasks with the assembling of scanners, sensors, and inbuilt battery with enough charge that can last for an eight-hour shift.
Some of the auto giants have already introduced these gloves in their assembly lines and other manufacturing concerned departments.
BMW spare facility based in Dingolfing were using handheld barcode scanners but the device was replaced by the ProGlove smart gloves that can scan objects by the thumb scanner and the scanned data are directed to the central computers.
Other major players using the smart glove include competitor car makers Audi and Skoda, and precision engineering firm Festo.

 The world has always been evolving as far as technology is concerned, and it will continue this trend till “infinity”.