App of the Day: Instagram

The day when mobile phones started turning smarter, the features were automatically needed to be smartest in the form of application. In early days, sharing of photographs was just carried out with a camera click and with a boring raw image without effects. Today we have brought you an app which was developed just to share your photogenic pictures and mesmerizing videos. Today’s app is Instagram.

Instagram was developed by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, which in the first place was their HTML 5 check in project named as Burbn on mobile photography. Later in 2010, Instagram was officially launched as a free mobile app which gained millions of active users. Further, the mobile photo sharing app was acquired by social media giant Facebook with a deal of $1 Billion in the form of cash and stock.

Instagram is a multimedia sharing medium such as mobile photo sharing, videos with facility to compliment or gossip on the same. Though it is a social media app similar to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr with some of the alike features, the motive is to standout with multimedia factors such as images and videos.  It primarily focuses on the memory sharing and recent activities of the users through pictures and videos. A distinctive feature which makes  Instagram noticeable is its square shaped picture formatting and various filtering and editing features, to gloom up your memories.

This app is now upgraded to enable the users to build their own story with images and edit it with inbuilt text and graphic tools, to connect to the world of relations, and discover the world share some love across. The latest update has a feature to share the content in the group, but the photos shared will be disappearing and won’t appear on the profile post 24 hours.

So guys, no matter where you are, keep the social cause of sharing live as your followers may be waiting to see your one glimpse.