Staying healthy this Christmas

Christmas and New Year have one thing in common—Holidays. And holidays means fun, joy, and excitement. Festive shopping, family gatherings, the scrumptious meals, and dolling up our homes add to the holiday spirit!

Given the cheerful spirit and festive effect in everyone and everything around, roughly all of us end up stuffing ourselves in alcohol and food. The 7-course meals and the mouth-watering desserts can make it tough for you to glue to your diet system and your habitual work-outs. Absolutely reasonable!




Nevertheless, infirmity for many of us comes blowing at our door at the most unfortunate moments—holidays. Study suggests that flu, heart disorders, and tummy dilemma are all at a towering level during the holidays. If you don’t want to waste Christmas in bed, make sure you find some time to work out. A swim for 30 minutes, a run for 20 minutes, or a walk for 40 minutes is a NECESSITY. Also, choose grilled and baked over sweet and fried, go undemanding on alcohol and food. Prefer wine above beer and water more than aerated drinks.

Below is a catalog of normally seen disorders that belt us during the holidays:

Holiday Heart Syndrome

It is authentic and grave medical situation that happens when we guzzle large amounts of alcohol, food, salt, and caffeine.

We do not mean to diminish your holiday mood, all we mean to say is—be cautious. Commemorate, but with a little control, particularly if your health has been leaning to the other side of standard lately.

Holiday Blues

Regardless of the fiction that we see holidays as a merry time, lot of people feel fed-up and disheartened during the holiday period. And a lot of it could be qualified to the increasing anxiety and nervousness that approaches with the imaginary ‘portrayal’ of cheerfulness and satisfaction seen around.

So friends, stay fit and be careful to enjoy your holidays to the fullest. Happy Holidays…!!!

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