Tech Giants join hands to fight against the terrorist content online

Terrorists have always been one step ahead in planning and implementing their brutal plans. The reason behind this is that they are not bonded to any protocols or amendments. Technological advancements have also benefited the terror-spreading groups which have been used against the civilian and governments groups. The new technique of spreading their intentions and fear among the people includes posting terror-based content on Internet.


Thus, to restrict every type of unethical and terror content spreading on the Internet, global Internet giants including Facebook, Youtube, Microsoft, and Twitter have taken have joined decision to the force fight against Internet terrorism.

These giants have declared that the shared industry database will be created to tackle the content. The content containing terrorist violence or recruitment videos which are already removed from their database will be restricted with the utilization of digital “fingerprints” or “hash”.

The idea is to add hashes to images or videos which have been detected by the database as a terrorist content. Further the companies participating into this fight can make use of those hashtags to classify similar content on their services.

“We hope this group effort will lead to greater efficiency as we continue to enforce our policies to help curb the pressing global issue of terrorist content online.”

They further added that, “the content won’t get removed automatically; the Internet companies have to revise their policies which define the term terrorist content, in case of identification”.

As predetermined action plan, Twitter stated that it has already suspended more than 360,000 accounts for breaching the policy and promoting terrorism a year back.

Google has also decided to display anti-terrorism ads to target terrorism.

The overall initiative taken by these tech giants may hamper the major aspect of the terrorist groups, as majority of the terrorist messages are spread through Internet. Hence, these efforts would probably freeze the growth of the terrorism.