David Beckham tattoos come to life for child abuse campaign

Every tattoo has its own story to say; it might be some heart touching memories, messages, commitment quotes, or the creative designs which flash in your brain. And when we are talking about the tattoos, how can we miss our football champ David Beckham, who is well known for his body inked at every major part.

David Beckham’s tattoos have been picturized in an animated way which is an initiative taken to end the child abuse by the UNICEF.

You can clearly get the idea from below video of how strongly is David Beckham supporting this initiative by the UNICEF.

The one-minute video highlights the psychological and physical violence against the children, with the help of the tattoos inked on the Beckham’s body. These tattoos are animated which display overall circumstances and situations where any child can confront violence which leaves a child with long-lasting scars of abuse.

As an ambassador of the UNICEF, David Beckham said he has been shaken by the increasing number of children violence incidences. He is advising people to share the film on social media platform.

The former footballer also said that “for every five minutes around the globe, a child is lost due to brutal violence” and “millions are still suffering from emotional, sexual, and particularly the physical abuse which is destroying their childhood forever”.

The U-report tool is an online source to receive calls and communicate with the children and teenagers. The data says, approximately 190,000 children responded to the UNICEF call via U-report tool.

The major culprits of these types of offense include other children, young people, police and law people, parents, teachers, and care takers.

Children abused in any type of violence resulted in the child suffering from mental stress, drastic loss of confidence and communication. This initiative by the UNICEF might change the mentality of the people and spread the awareness among the people.


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