Year 1862 

39 Santee Sioux Indians were sentenced to hang till death by the US President Lincioln.

Year 1865

United States Constitution signed the 13th Amendment for eradicate slavery.

Year 1866 

The tunnel for Chicago water supply of 3227 m was completed which led to the Michigan Lake.

Year 1877 

First recording was completed of the human voice by the Thomas Edison reciting “Mary had a little lamb”

Year 1873 

First International football game was played in the US between Yale and Eton.

Vector calendar for December 2016. Hand drawn numbers and letter

Year 1882

Venus atmosphere was identified during passage.

Year 1897 

London was the first city to introduce the licensed taxicabs around the globe.

Year 1912 

China casted vote to support universal human rights.

Year 1916 

The Central Powers confined Bucharest in World War I.

Year 1917 

Finland announced itself a republic, taking advantage of provisional relaxation of Russia.

Year 1921 

Ireland received authority due to Anglo-Irish Treaty leading to partition created Northern Ireland.

Year 1922

First ever electrically powered commercial transportation was introduced in the US, NY.

Year 1929 

Turkey introduced rights to vote for female.

Year 1938 

A non-attack treaty (Ribbentrop-Bonnet Pact) was drawn between French and German

Year 1941 

New York Council approved to construct Idlewild (Kennedy) Airport.

Year 1956 

Nelson Mandela was detained for political activities along with 156 others in South Africa.

Year 1957 

The first attempt of satellite launching failed due to Vanguard rocket busted.

Year 1969 

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics executed nuclear test.

Year 1980 

Intelsat V satellite was launched by NASA.

Year 1981 

Marathon record of 2:08:18 was set by Rob de Castella of Australia.

Year 1984 

France executed nuclear test.

Year 1988 

Carlos Andres Perez was once again elected as President of Venezuela.

Year 1990 

Saddam declared releasing of all foreign hostages

Year 1992

300,000 Hindus demolished mosque of Babri in India.

Year 1995 

Michael Jackson fell down in between of the rehearsals of HBO special.

Year 2005 

Protest killed infinite villagers in Dongzhou, China

Year 2006 

NASA disclosed pictures of Mars Global Surveyor which indicated the existence of water on Mars.

Year 2012 

Nyasasaurus fossil aged 243 million year old was found in Tanzania.

Year 2013 

The outbreak of Ebola in Meliandou, Guinea killed 2-year-old boy.

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