Vector calendar for December 2016. Hand drawn numbers and letter

Year 1790

Austrian army took on Brussels.

Year 1802 

Suriname sold to the Netherlands by Britain.

Year 1804 

Napoleon Bonaparte was enthroned as Emperor of France in Paris.

Year 1816 

First saving bank named as Philadelphia Savings Fund Society was opened in the United States.

Year 1848 

Franz Josef I was crowned as an Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary.

Year 1899 

Germany and the US agreed to make the partition of Samoa among them.

Year 1907 

Association of English Professional Football Players’ was formed.

Year 1901 

King Camp Gillette initiated selling safety razor blades.

Year 1908 

The Chinese thrown was led by the child emperor Pu YI at the age of two.

Year 1927 

Ford sold its first model A for $385.

Year 1929

50 km away from the Peking (Beijing) at Tsjoe Koe Tien, the first skull of Peking man was discovered.

Year 1939 

Two British airways merged named British Imperial Airways and British Airways in order to form BOAC.

Year 1941 

Japanese Marshal Admiral Yamamoto drived his fleet towards Pearl Harbor.

Year 1942

World’s first nuclear chain reaction took place in Chicagi Pile-1) at University of Chicago, supervised by Enrico Fermi.

Year 1944 

German troop confiscated Betuwse watercourse.

Year 1950 

Vic Toweel banged down Danny O’Sullivan fourteen times in title fight.

Year 1952 

First human birth broadcasted to public on KOA-TV Denver.

Year 1956 

Fidel Castro landed on shore of Cuba with “Granma” (An official Newspaper of Cuban Communist party).

Year 1957 

First largest nuclear power plant was opened by the US at shipping port Penn.

Year 1958 

Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium signed the Benelux treaty.

Year 1961 

Fidel Castro announced that he was a Marxist and will direct Cuba towards Communism.

Year 1963 

Dutch launched the first rocket that reached the height of 10 km.

Year 1969

First preview disclosed to public of Boeing 747 jumbo from Seattle to NYC.

Year 1971 

United Arab Emirates affirmed freedom from the UK.

Year 1976

Fidel Castro was elected as President of Cuba.

Year 1987 

Nuclear test was performed at Nevada Test site by US.

Year 1990 

For the first time, twelve people were in space at the same time.

Year 2014 

Stephen Hawking stated that Artificial Intelligence possibly will be a “threat to mankind” and may bring the human race to an end.

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