Movie Review: Underworld Blood Wars

The fifth, and we guess, the last installment of the Underworld franchise UNDERWORLD: BLOOD WARS reflects around a Vampire death dealer, Selene (Kate Beckinsale) and her war against the cruel smack from Lycans and the Vampire wing that deceived her. With David (Theo James) and Thomas (Charles Dance) by her side, Selene attempts to stop the everlasting war between the Vampires and the Lycans.

Kate Beckinsale
Kate Beckinsale

In 2003, when the initial part of the series was released, the idea of war between the vampires and the warewolves seemed very exciting and successful enough to make four more parts of the same idea. However, the latest entry of this movie seems to disappoint us. The movie lacks the original ideas and hence looses the track before the interval. Kate Beckinsale does not seem to age right from the part one of this sequel. Her beauty remains untouched and permanent. So does her acting. Even though she plays the most important and a crucial role in all the Underworld movies, her acting skills in this part seem a bit immature and boring. The audience has set their bars at a different level for the story as well as for the actors this time.

But both, the storyline and the actors, do not fail to disappoint us. Apart from Charles Dance, we do not see a spark in the acting section. We cannot blame the actors for this. It is the script and the storyline that has wasted talented actors such as Tobias Menzies. Even though he plays an important role of the Lycan leader, no such outstanding part has been given to him this time.

Overall, if you are an Underworld fan, this movie may quite impress you. But do not set your hopes high because the entry of Underworld: Blood Wars is a total bloody mess.

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