On this day in History: December 1

This is the latest trend that we have started. The article will cover all the important, interesting and remembering events that has occurred in the past on the same day. This article will give you a quick glance of the history within no time. So let’s see what the history has to say…

1 December 2016
1 December 2016


Year 1782

The United Kingdom signed a preliminary agreement acknowledging American independence, in Paris.

Year 1838

Mexico announced war against France.

Year 1861

An ultimatum was sent to Queen Victoria by the British Parliament for the United States, nagging the rescue of two Confederate diplomats who were clutched on the British ship Trent.

Year 1864

Battle of Franklin was won by the Union.

Year 1900

The French Government castigated British actions in South Africa, showing pity for the Boers.

Year 1906

After having a conversation with the rooms’ wallpaper which included the sentence: “One of us has to go”, Oscar Wilde died in a hotel room in Paris.

Year 1919

First time in the history, women were allowed to vote in the French legislative elections.

Year 1945

Austria was invaded and Danzig was taken down by Russia.

Year 1948

Government was established in Soviet sector by dividing Berlin by the Soviet Union.

Year 1950

President Turman announced to use the A-bomb to get peace in Korea.

Year 1961

Making Iraq’s profit, the Soviet Union rejected a UN seat for Kuwait.

Year 1974

A decade old trade ban was put to an end by India and Pakistan.

Year 1981

To initiate an agreement on lowering the number of intermediate-range nuclear weapons in Europe, representatives of the US and the USSR met on this day.

Year 1993

Bill Clinton signed the Brady Bill into law.

Year 1994

MS Achille Lauro, which was hijacked by 1985 terrorists, caught fire at the coast of Somalia.

Year 2005

Becoming the first black archbishop of Church of England, John Sentamu created a history.

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