5 essential gadgets for your car

The phrase “less is more” clearly does not fit in when it comes for automobile. And that’s the reason why the sale of the SUV and MUV has reached a peak and touched the sky of the market in the past decade. Nowadays, all new car comes with built-in features like sound system, rear view cameras, and navigation system.

With all these features easily available in the market, you can get them integrated in your car. Here are 5 such cool gadgets that can be helpful.

Car Charger

Well, this is all time needed gadget. In the world of smartphones, car charger plays a role of life-saver. Sometimes, one beautiful morning, whenever we step in the car and wonder, why did we not charge the phone last night, car charger help us out.

GPS Navigation

In today’s world, all cars do have a GPS navigation system, but most of them do not.

Now, the LX440 is a leading name in the GPS navigation system with a 4.2-inch touch screen. The LX440 will cost you around Rs 6,500. If you cannot afford one, you can use your old smartphone as a navigation system.

Tire Pressure Monitor Valves

The most neglected and overlooked feature in the car is the tire pressure. For a long lasting tire, one must also maintain and check the pressure frequently. Failing to do so may result in the bursting of tire due to high pressure or may result in tearing of tire due to low pressure.

Electric Car Jack

Imagine a scenario where you are on a road trip and your car gets a puncture with no gas station nearby. At such times, an electric car jack can help you change the puncture without breaking a sweat.

Dash Cam

With the increasing number in the road accidents, video surveillance and dash cams have become must for every car. The Kingear A1 is a one of the leading gadgets when it comes to dash cam. It is equipped with full HD cameras with support of night vision. This gadget may cost you around Rs 7,500.

So gear up and integrate your car with these cool and essential gadgets regarding your safetyfor prevention is better than cure!!!

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