KatVR’s Kat Walk makes the dream come true of actually playing into the game

Every gamer has his favorite game and he also has a dream that at least once in a lifetime he should get a chance to enter this game and play it by own, without any keyboard. If you would hear someone with this dream a decade ago, you will surely have mistaken the person as an insane. But, as we know that this is 21st century and everything is possible here. The KatVR is one such device which has made this dream come true. KatVR was introduced in Beijing a few days back. Now what is KatVR? Well it’s a virtual reality-related device, which gives us a life-living experience. Kat Walk, one of the features of the KatVR, enables us to play games virtually by entering into it.

Talking about the design of KatVR, it is always tied to the waist of the player, making sure to keep the player straight and standing, no matter whatever happens in the actual game. On the other hand a smooth plastic pad along with a pair of special shoes, which are equipped with sensors, help in transforming your actual actions into virtual actions. You can refer the below video

Video source: Techcrunch


Now, the one major drawback of VR setup is that it is not designed for home usage. With a huge price tag of $9,000, one cannot afford to buy this and use it for playing games. But this is not stopping the KatVR. It has already begun his sale to huge arcades in the cities of China and making its investment in the world of virtual reality.

Now this is what we call the future of VR. Isn’t it? KatVR has really set the expectations very high. People now are hoping to see a new version that can be afforded by the common man. Eagerly waiting for the same…

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