Facebook to have more turnover with support of the Ads than Disney and Comcast

For the first time in the history, the North American income of Ads for Facebook had left behind huge contenders in the world of social media, like Disney, CBS, and Comcast. The most shocking news is that it left behind Comcast, the world’s biggest and largest traditional media company, in terms of the revenue generated. Now this could let all these giants in a state of worry. Why? Because this indicates that advertisers now prefer social media sites instead of the traditional media. This results in decreased revenue for the TV networks and vice versa for the digital networks.


Facebook leads in the race of revenue generation via Ads
Facebook leads in the race of revenue generation via Ads

Now, the annual income generated by Facebook this year in Northern America through Ads was $9.1 Billion Dollars. In comparison to this, the turnover for Comcast, Disney, and CBS for the same time frame was $7.6 Billion, $6.7 Billion, and $5.4 Billion, respectively. The numbers shows a great difference and also represents the advertisers’ choice. But this was not the situation last year. If you do the math, revenue generation for Facebook for 2015 was $5.5 billion and that for Comcast, for the same year, was $6.6 billion.

Now one interesting thing! The main noticeable thing is even with its rapid growth in this industry, Facebook is nowhere close to Google in terms of revenue generation through Ads. Google, alone generated a whooping amount of $21.5 Billion in the same area. This is almost equivalent to the sum of the revenue generated by Disney, Comcast, and CBS.

But do not mistake to judge the financial strength of these companies on the basis of these numbers. Remember the phrase: Do not judge a book by its cover. Yes? Great! Because Comcast generates a huge amount of revenue Internet access business while on the other hand CBS generated its revenue by charging to TV operators for transmission of their program.

Only time will decide if Facebook can overtake this business from Comcast, Disney, and CBS as well, making their life miserable. Seeing the popularity of this social media site, we guess that it is not so far when this assumption will be true.

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