The Almond 3 Router: One Step Further In the WiFi World

WiFi is in the air again.

Nowadays, products such as Eero, Google WiFi, and presently the Almond 3 by Securifi are released with an aim to enhance the overall WiFi experience—something that actually isn’t implemented since this technology became universal in the late 90s.

The Almond 3—Smart Home Wi-Fi System
The Almond 3—Smart Home Wi-Fi System

So how is Almond 3 different? Let’s have a quick glance on the features provided by Almond 3.

  • Mesh Networking (which literally works)—Earlier systems such as Apple’s Airport Express did not provide the feature to expand the network throughout a considerable area, that is, a big house. The mesh networking feature in Almond 3 allows you to pair additional Almond 3 routers and set them in different rooms.
  • Easy Setup and Configuration—Usually, a phone app is sufficient to do a setup OR nasty IP address-based interfaces, provided by routers by the cable company, were in the picture. Almond 3 overcomes this drawback by setting it up via an integrated LCD touchscreen on the router itself.
  • Home Automation Features—Generally, this feature is activated through a third-party solution such as Apple HomeKit or Samsung SmartThings. Almond 3 has built-in home automation and device management feature which avoids all the mess with third-party solutions.

Almond 3 router is available for $149.99. If you prefer a package of 3 for creating a mesh network throughout your home, it will cost you around $399.99. Other advantage of Almond 3 attracting more people is its super small size—almost the size of an Xbox controller. This is a nice relief from sizeable routers that occupy a lot of space.

The Almond 3—Smart Home Wi-Fi System by Securifi—is the new trend getting viral in the WiFi world, particularly due to its new features that overcome the drawbacks of existing routers.

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