Some of the Human Professions That Machine Can’t Take Over

Some of the Human Professions That Machine Can’t Take Over

After reading the title does it shake your brain that there is only handful of professions left where the computers cannot beat humans. Relax guys you don’t have to get tense and start rethinking about the professions from now itself, as the situation is still too far from us. But yes, a fact should be followed that the younger you are the more you need to think about your career goals.

Some of the Human Professions That Machine Can’t Take Over
Arts and Creativity
Though there are large numbers of artistic software that gives a perfect touch to the image or also creates a brand new sketch. But the whole timeline of machine drawing doesn’t have those creative endeavors. Emotions, imagination, creativity, practicality are humans’ quality that cannot be loaded into the machines or the robots. And art is all about expressing these qualities in different forms.

Every person living on earth has a sportsperson within him/her. There cannot be discrimination between male and female in terms of sports, at the end they are humans. Would you like a stadium full of robots and cheering up in a fake and programmed way. Just imagine machine hitting the same shot for an hour without any variation. A sport is all about enthusiasm, spirit, sweat, rivalries and athleticism, which cannot be done by machines.

We know that education sector and the teaching profession is majorly transformed into the e-learning, which means the teacher just plays the button and the data feed to the machine does it all. Objective subjects like science and maths are taught in an extra-simple way but what about the subjects that have literature, art, music in it.

Politics and law
This is the only field where the machine fails in the first step. Excluding some basic advanced device such as CCTV, computers, and other consumer electronics products, every decision, every law, and elections is done by humans.
A renowned writer said,

“Creativity is the ability to grasp the essence of one thing, and then the essence of some very different thing, and smash them together to create some entirely new thing”.
– David Brooks