Siemens Healthineers’ ARTIS Phenol Receives a Nod from FDA

Siemens Healthineers’ ARTIS Phenol Receives a Nod from FDA

The medical device field is expanding at an extensive pace attempting to provide a better patient experience and assist the professionals for best outcomes. Recently, the Food and Drug Administration has given a nod to Siemens Healthineers’ ARTIS pheno, which is a robotic C-arm angiography device. The system is basically developed to be utilized in minimally invasive interventional processes. The ARTIS pheno is not only provided with a GIGALIX X-ray tube and zen40HDR flat panel detector for an excellent quality of an image but also a 2k recording technique that has the potential of delivering two-dimensional imaging resolution, which is 4 times higher than its antecedent device, the Artis zeego, in all recording processes.

Siemens Healthineers’ ARTIS Phenol Receives a Nod from FDA

The company has developed the system in an attempt to help hospitals in fighting against the high rates of infection occurring in patients. An antimicrobial coating on the patient table, C-arm, and stand can help in preventing viruses and bacteria from dividing on the system. The hermetically sealed housing of the table modules, C-arm and, and easy-to-access areas, help in system cleaning. Apart from this, the cabling of the ARTIS pheno is retreated within the system to avoid cables from becoming filthy and thus, potentially spreading bacteria. As ARTIS pheno is placed on the floor instead of the roof, it is simple to install in the working suite as well as the flow of sterile air from the ceiling is not disrupted.

ARTIS pheno’s StructureScout exposure control element can control acquisition factors to automatically attain finest image contrast at “as low as reasonably achievable” levels of dose. The system is capable of scanning almost 68% faster than its antecedent, and its clinical software application, syngo DynaCT, can generate three-dimensional images that utilize less contrast media, thus escalating the safety of the patient by reducing the burden on the kidneys.

The system has a wide range of software applications to help users in carrying out several interventional procedures. CLEARstent Live provides instantaneous authentication of stent placing during implantation. The syngo Fusion package overlays formerly obtained computed tomography, positron emission tomography/computed tomography, and magnetic resonance images onto live fluoroscopy images.

Hope this system helps to combat the high rates of infection.

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