App to help ALS patients to communicate

Have you heard about ALS? Well, for those who are not aware of what it is, stop Google-ing. To save the time, let me give you a short brief about this concept. ALS, stands for amyotrophic laterals sclerosis, is a disease that damages the nerve cells present in the spinal cord and brain. Sporadic and familial are the two main types of ALS. Familial is a type of ALS that is genetic and is passed from the ancestors to the patients. Whereas, on the other hand, sporadic is the most common type of ALS. Since ALS mainly affects the nervous system, patients are likely to get a paralysis attack.

But this is where technology comes into picture. Technology is that solution that starts working where our thinking capabilities end. Well, let us talk about how technology has helped ALS patients. Scientists at Washington have developed an app that can help the ALS affected patients. This bunch of scientists also includes one Indian. They have developed an app that will allow the patients to communicate. Well, this is not just the thing. As the patient’s body will be paralyzed, eyes will be the only mode of communication for them. Hence, the app will help them communicate via eye gestures. Isn’t that cool???

Well, for now, the scientists have proposed this idea and are working on the prototype. Once the prototype is ready, it will go through various tests and then it will be launched for utilization. Further, compatibility of the devices will also matter.

But the news of such app has indeed created hopes among the patients.

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