AIMIM Too May Join Hands With JD For K’taka Polls

AIMIM Too May Join Hands With JD For K’taka Polls

Once HD Deve Gowda’s (earlier Prime Minister) Janata Dal had partnered with Mayawati’s BSP at the Karnataka Polls, the Majlis-e-Ittehad-ul Muslimeen (AIMIM), which belongs to Asaduddin Owaisi, MP, Hyderabad, has shown inclination in adding to the tribe. Going by a high-rank JD (S) leader who is closely linked to the Gowda family, it is Owaisi who has conversed about this matter with the JD(S) patriarch at New Delhi. Mulling on the state of anonymity he claimed that the agitated Hyderabad Muslim leader had said to Gowda that his party is keen to join hands with the state JDS for defeating Congress. He said that their leader Gowda appears to be non-committal at the moment. However, the news that Owaisi wants to partner with JD(S) in Karnataka is confirmed.

AIMIM Too May Join Hands With JD For K’taka Polls

On the other hand the JD(S) declared its candidates for the 126 Assembly seats and had already allotted approximately 20 seats to the party belonging to Mayawati.  In addition to that, NCP of Sharad Pawar is also keen on joining the alliance and has further made a demand of 7 seats in Bengaluru region from JDS.

Going by the family sources then, it is estimated that Gowda is presently assessing the pros and the cons of a coalition with AIMIM that is looked upon as a radical Muslim party. One close member expressed that Gowda is concerned about the pros and cons. He is aware that Owaisi has the capacity to take in a couple of thousand Muslim votes, thereby reducing the scope of Congress in few seats. Furthermore, there’s also chance that the Gowda team might gain couple of thousand surplus votes in certain seats. However, the reputation of AIMIM doesn’t seem favorable and is being looked upon as one Muslim fundamentalist party. Hence, Gowda seems to be concerned about any kind of merger with Owaisi that might eat way his Hindu votes. Furthermore, he is aware that non-BJLP Hindus too are not in favor of the communal politics that Owaisi does.

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