BJP’s OBC Leader Demands Leadership Change In Rajasthan

BJP’s OBC Leader Demands Leadership Change In Rajasthan

Looks like alarm bells buzzing for Vasundhara Raje, The CM of Rajasthan, whose government is waiting to face the elections this year. Her leadership capabilities are questioned by state leaders of BJP in Kotha district and are divided over the same.

While the party’s district president has supported the CM, the OBC wing president of BJP in Kota has sent a letter to Amit Shah, BJP president, asking to change the leader in the state.

BJP’s OBC Leader Demands Leadership Change In Rajasthan

The letter sent by the president of OBC wing, Ashok Chaudhary says the results of by-elections in Rajasthan are very disappointing instead of the hard work that BJP workers put in. Several workers, including the OBC wing’s president knew that they are not going to win. Vasundhara Raje’s incapability of handling the state is reflecting in the votes, as a result of morals of the party workers are diminishing.

He also slashed out at the state president of BJP, Ashok Parnami, saying that he is not more than a slave of the Chief Minister. Party workers are not pleased with his way of working either.

He further added that Mrs. Raje is trapped in a chakravyuh and is directing the party towards a path that is full of losses.

Hemant Vijay, the district president of BJP in Kota, defended the Chief Minister by saying that under her government the state has experienced huge developments. Also the organization has become stronger under the guidance of Ashok Parnamai, the president. Mr. Vijay further added that Ashok Chaudhary accepted that although he wrote the letter but he realized his mistake and wants to take the letter back.

The Congress has sealed victory at the by-elections which were termed “semi-final” prior to the legislative assembly elections this year in Rajasthan. Karan Yadavand Raghu Sharma, Congress candidates, won by-elections from Alwar and Ajmer respectively. The BJP is also defeated by the Congress in the Mandalgarh by-polls.