India Is The 5th Most Attractive Investment Avenue—Survey

India Is The 5th Most Attractive Investment Avenue—Survey

India has evolved as the fifth most attractive market for investments as per PwC reports. The findings come on a day of the commencement of the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) annual summit.

As per PwC’s 21st CEO Survey, the US is constant at the top spot when it comes to global investment, while India has bumped into the top 5.

“India’s growth of 9% is more than Japan, which has taken a leap of 8%.

India Is The 5th Most Attractive Investment Avenue—Survey

As per the survey reports, around 54% CEOs plan to increase their staff this year while only 18% are expecting to reduce their headcount.

Not considering the optimism in the world economy, around 40 per cent of CEOs are seriously worried regarding the geopolitical uncertainty and cybercrimes while around 41% feel the same about terrorism.

Other factors that are an issue of concern are availability of key skills amounting to 38% and populism which accounts for 35%.

Terrorism is being considered as among the top ten threats to the increasing growth whereas only 20% felt so in 2017. CEOs are worried due to the threat of over-regulation around 42% are extremely concerned and over 36% are worried about an increase in tax burden.

Between August and November 2017, around 1,293 interviews were conducted with CEOs by PwC which were spread across 85 countries. Apart from it, the sample is weighted by national GDP in order to ensure that CEOs’ views are equally showcased across all major countries.

Around 40% of the companies had revenues of at least $1 billion and 35% firms’ revenues fell between $100 million and $1 billion. Approximately 20% of the companies held revenues of up to $100 million while 56% were privately owned entities.