Julie 2: You Can’t Give It A Miss

Julie 2: You Can’t Give It A Miss

The much publicized movie “Julie 2” has failed to draw crowds at the box office. Raai Laxmi, famous South Indian actress, has made her debut into the Bollywood with this movie. Since the release of the trailer, it has raised the temperature.

The story is evolved around how the career of the actress grows into the film industry and she starts looking for male companions for love but often ends up being misguided by them. Film talks about how a normal girl is attracted to the glamour world and wants to make it to the top position using her talent but soon realizes that talent is not the only factor needed to succeed in the industry.

Julie 2: You Can’t Give It A Miss

It appears that producer wanted to narrate a story of an upcoming actress into the industry but has ended up showing erotic romance.

The story shows how an upcoming actress becomes victim of casting couch when she realizes that this is the only way to succeed her career. Once she reaches fame and glory, she looks for love in her male partners, but fails there. She seeks liberation in Christianity, but offer to cast in a biopic of politician’s wife takes her down to dark road in her life.

More or less it looks like a decade old masala movie. Erotic scenes given by Raai Laxmi are sure to arouse the audience. Role of Ravi Kishan is also very funny.

Producers have tried to show a reality of the film industry but have failed to offer a proper theme, which can keep the interest of audience alive till the end. Raai Laxmi has given bold scenes to keep the audience stick to their chair and overall it has become an erotic thriller with little or no value. Producer has also roped in talented actor Pankaj Tripathi.

Overall, it is a movie you’ll surely not miss!