Amazon’s Saheli Geared Up To Help Women Entrepreneurs

Amazon’s Saheli Geared Up To Help Women Entrepreneurs

Amazon, the American online retailer, has rolled out a new program. The program dubbed as Amazon Saheli is planned at enabling and empowering women entrepreneurs all over the nation to trade their goods on its platform.

Amazon India has joined hands with organizations that operate towards motivating female entrepreneurship, comprising Impulse Social Enterprise and Self-employed Women’s Association (SEWA).

Women entrepreneurs related with these collaborated organizations will be allowed to provide their goods to users of via a devoted storefront. The storefront is named as the Saheli Store. This data was provided by Amazon to the media in a statement this week.

Amazon’s Saheli Geared Up To Help Women Entrepreneurs

“As a fraction of our promise to change how India sells and purchases by allowing small capitalists to expand, we have now aimed on the hurdles encountered by female entrepreneurs here to achieve access and visibility to resources,” claimed general manager at Amazon India for seller services, Gopal Pillai, to the media in a statement this week.

The firm had previously this year executed a pilot shop in Nagaland in partnership with the state government and NSDC. Almost 50 self-determining female entrepreneurs were present at the workshop for 2 days.

Originally consisting of apparel, handicrafts, home decor items, and handbags, the Saheli Store will steadily expand up to onboard female entrepreneurs trading in various product segments, it claimed.

Apart from providing access to users to the registered female entrepreneurs, the platform will assist them achieve access to fulfillment facilities and logistics as well.

“Marketing entrepreneurship amongst females has turned out to be a main focus segment for firms all over the place. E-marketplace model and specifically the e-commerce is a great way for female entrepreneurs to advantage from a digital as well as fast-growing economy,” senior vice-president at Amazon for global corporate affairs, Jay Carney, claimed to the media.