Instagram to trial a new feature called “Favorites”

Instagram to trial a new feature called “Favorites”

Instagram, the photo-sharing app has almost a monthly user base of 700 Million. It has also recently introduced a range of new features to its app. Now, the users of Instagram can Archive their posts that can be made public at any time later. All the posts that are archived remain private, meaning they will not be visible to their followers. The company has also launched hashtag stories and location storiesfor Explore tab.

Apart from the mentioned features, the Facebook-owned company is also initiating a small trial for a new feature dubbed “Favorites.” With this new feature, the users will be allowed to create a tailored list of their closefriends and from there select to share story and postsupdates merely with their favorites list. Product lead of Instagram, Robby Stein said that the company has been operational for more than a yearon the feature and a wider release is estimated over the next few months.

Instagram to trial a new feature called “Favorites”

The initial step to be taken by the users to create their favorites list is to tap on family members and friends they want to allow them to view their private posts. The user can edit these additions at any time. Also, the other users will be never informed when they are removed or added to a favorite listThus, when the user creates a new post, he/she will be shown a new alternative to share the 24-hour story post or imageto a favorites list only, rather than directlymessaging or posting publicly.

When you post something to your favorites, they can see the post in their Instagram feed itself with a “green favorites badge,” denoting it as a private post. There will also be a Favorites tab as the user profiles are updated and every traditional post that is shared with the favorites (excluding ephemeral stories) will be stored there.

Stein said that the firm is making a lot of efforts “to get this right,” highlighting privacy angle of favorites. As the lists are not made public, those on a favorite list of an individual will be never notified of who else is on the list, so the green badge is the only way to know that they are a favorite list. When a user removes someone from the list, that individual will instantaneously lose access to their favorite tab and appear empty.

Moreover, there is no limit to the number one can add to their favorites list.However, the company anticipates every user to have in the range 10–30 as the entireidea is sharing images in a friendlier, closed-off setting.

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