Hi-tech pods for hibernation of humans for long-distance space travel

Are you aware of hibernation and human stasis? Let’s have a look at the invention by Bradford and his team. The researchers were studying the “therapeutic hypothermia,” a method for treating patients with traumatic brain injury or cardiac arrest. This method cools down the body temperature to 32–34°C, mostly per hour one-degree drop. The drop in temperature decreases the blood pressure and slows down the heart rate so as to provide more time for treating brain and heart problems.

Most of the medical experts and the spaceworks’ team have the same opinion that brief and repeat cycles of moving out and in of stasis would be secure instead of one long-term cycle. The prime advantage of doing so is that at least one member of the crewmember will be awake and can monitor the spaceship system and take care of the others.

However, they still have few barriers to prevail over. The body is not made for low-gravity atmospheres: muscles and bones steadily lose mass to a stage where the person becomes partially paralyzed. The heart, which is developed to drive blood to the brain, functions properly in the space too. Thus, the astronauts usually experience raised intracranial blood pressure that impairs the vision. The solution for this is to generate artificial gravity in the spaceship, but that would be costly. They yet have another option that is to make the crewmembers exercise, which can be done by “neuromuscular electrical stimulation.” It involves conveying short electrical impulses across the body that provokes the muscles to tighten.

So, we are eagerly waiting for the first successful trial of the Hi-tech pods. What do you think about this advanced technology? Feel free to share your thoughts.


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