Was Sad How Things Turned Out For Me And My Wife: Nadella

Was Sad How Things Turned Out For Me And My Wife: Nadella

The CEO of the Microsoft- Satya Nadella has recently opened up about how his expedition with his special requirements and how his son has shaped his entire life and career. Nadella’s son called as Zain, who is now 21 years old, has been suffering from cerebral palsy and is completely blind.

Was Sad How Things Turned Out For Me And My Wife: Nadella

He stated that my wife pregnancy was complex and I also remember that in the year 1996 as the most thrilling period of our life. My wife, Anu, was only 25 years and I was only 29 years old at that point of time. My career started as an engineer which was slowly taking off, at the same time my wife was making her career as an architect,” as stated by Nadella in a blogpost. “Even more exhilarating, on the other hand, was that Anu was expecting at that point of time with our first kid.” “One night I remember, during the thirty-five week of her pregnancy, she felt that our baby was not moving as much as it should be. So we went to the emergency clinic in a nearby hospital at Bellevue. We just assumed that it would be just a daily checkup, just little more than new parent apprehension,” he stated.

“But upon assessment, the physicians were little alarmed enough for an emergency C section. Zain was born around 11:28 p.m. on August 13, in the year 1996, he was around three pounds and surprisingly he did not cry.” Zain had gone through asphyxiation, which actually means he’d be limited to a wheelchair, and also had brutal cerebral palsy. “I was completely distressed. But usually I was heartrending for how few things turned out for my wife and Me.” stated Nadella. But his wife’s response to the circumstances completely astonished him. “For my wife Anu, it was by no means about what this actually meant for her; for her it was all about Zain and how we can become a good parent.

Nadealla stated Microsoft has started many initiatives to assist people with disabilities usage of its products. Windows 10, for example, comes with a speaker or Narrator app that reads out the substance of your screen, which assists people with image impairments.


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