3 ways tech impacted Indians in 2016

The world has witnessed huge changes in its lives due to tech inventions and situations. India was no different. According to us, India witnessed a huge change in its way of living due to the impact of the technology. Here is the list of the same.

Losing e-wallet virginity

Even though the demonetization affected the country at end of the year, almost all the people in the nation started using digital payment and e-wallets for online transaction. People, who have never done any online transaction in their entire life, are now used to it. Well, this is what we call—‘pursuit of appiness’.

Free data

How can we forget the Reliance Jio! The company shocked the industry as well as the market by its ultimate plan of free data till the end of the year. Moreover, due to this, rivals started offering data on discount. This, indeed, hampered the lives of Indians.

Pokemon Workout

Even though the game was launched much later in India, it had already affected the population way before. People started catching Pokemon. This led to their exercise as well. People who used to sit all day long started roaming and catching Pokemon. Eventually, the craze of this game went down.


So friends, this was how India was affected by technology in 2016. Do you have anything to add to the list? Then let us know. We will definitely amend our article. Feel free to share your thoughts on this. Your view, comments, and thoughts are important to us.


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