App of the Day: Facebook

Facebook is the social networking service that many of us use every day. Some of us cannot imagine our lives without this. Thanks to Facebook for rolling out its app. This grew the number of users using the service.

This all started way back in 2003. It was October 28, 2003. Mark wrote a program called “Facemash”. This was the initial phase of the Facebook. Later in 2006, Facebook was open to all with the minimum age restriction of 13 years along with a valid email ID. This was started on September 26, 2006. Eventually, the social network grew and in 2012, the number of active users using Facebook reached 1 Billion. This was a record for any public and social network company.

Eventually, Facebook had many features. Till date, Facebook has following features integrated—Notes, Chats, Gifts, Marketplace, Messaging, Voice calls, Video calls, Video viewing, Tor hidden service, User profile/personal timeline, News Feed, Like button, Following, Comparison with Myspace, Privacy, Facebook Bug Bounty Program, and others.

All over the world, Facebook is popular among users. Below is the list of countries with most active Facebook users.

  • Mexico with 44.4 Million members
  • Indonesia with 60.3 Million members
  • Brazil with 70.5 Million members
  • India with 108.9 Million members
  • The United States with 151.8 Million members

Well, this was a short brief about Facebook. We are sure that the company and its services will keep on growing and setting new records and bars in the world. We wish all the best to the firm and the people working hard for it.

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