Excellent photography apps for iPhone 7+ dual camera

If you have spent some hundred dollars on a smartphone with an Apple logo on it, and if the model is iPhone 7 plus with a high output dual camera then you might be for sure expecting some great pictures. Here are some great apps specifically designed for the hardware which you are holding it right now with killing features in it.


The advanced image processing, exposure control, focus and various scene modes of the app signify that the app is particularly designed for Dual camera support phones. The toggle switch enables you to auto select and switch between the wide-angle lens and telephoto lens. However, this function also comes with a manual selection of the lens.

Microsoft Pix Camera 

The app is developed by Microsoft and is available for iOS and android. The app can auto detect the face and adjust the color and exposure settings while functioning. Added features include additional classy frames with the white balancing feature to match the exact skin tone.

Live Focus

This app allows users to shoot the image first and then focus on the desired object. The focus point can be changed after the snap. Live focus has inbuilt 30 real-time filters with super high definition 4K resolution support.


Though the app comes with a price, but it turns out to be worth due to high-end features with auto and manual settings and filters, which allows you to shoot like a pro. The special dual lens setup of the app supported by a dual camera equipped with 5.5-inch, the model captures the image similar to the one you thought in your creative mind.

Filmic Pro

Above all the apps were more focused to deliver high definition and quality pictures; this app gives you an eye of movie maker. The four lenses wide zoom and tele zoom used by the Apple’s dual camera gives you a superficial depth in the video.

No matter if you own huge DSLR or not, you have your own lenses carried with no extra baggage.