The story behind Santa Claus

Today, we know Santa Claus as a jolly, chubby, and bearded old man who has gifts for children all over the world. But do you know the actual history of Santa? No? Well than we are here to tell you the story of Santa Claus.

The legend starts way back in history during 3rd century to a priest named St. Nicholas. It is said that St. Nicholas was born in Turkey around 280 A.D. He was much admired and popular for his kindness and piety. Amongst all his stories of kindness, one story is much more famous. It is said that he saved 3 sisters from being sold by their father to prostitution and slavery. Due to the poor financial condition, the father had to take this step. St. Nicholas gave all his wealth to the poor father. He asked the father for the three girls to keep his wealth as a dowry for their marriage.

It is since then people started admiring him more. The name Santa Claus was established form St. Nicholas’ Dutch name, Sinter Klaas. This is a reduced form of Sint Nikolaas (St. Nicholas in Dutch).

Well, this was a short brief about the origin of Santa Claus. Were you aware of this story? Do you have any more stories for us? If yes, please feel to share them. Also, do not forget to comment your thoughts and views. We will appreciate it. And most importantly, do spread the joy and love that Santa Claus is spreading. Stay happy…

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